AR Wedding Photography: Blog en-us (C) AR Wedding Photography (AR Wedding Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:36:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:36:00 GMT The confetti Fields In the Spirit of all things romance and weddings, I visited the confetti fields in Worcester this weekend. Unfortunately the unpredictable british weather hadn't been too kind on this years crops. With lots more rainfall than expected, the tall flowers had risen well, however with a lack of sunshine there was a delay in them flowering. These fields are open for only two weeks in the year before being harvested by hand and the fields reverted back for use of regular crops, this was the opening weekend so maybe a with a fortnight more sunshine may allow for more blooming towards the end of the open days, before they are harvested for confetti. 


The purple flowers seem to have fared the best from this years typically British weather, with the pink appearing to be on the verge of bursting into colour too. You can just imagine how these fields would look when in full bloom as I'm sure they aren't far from being. 

photo1 pink flowers 

20190622-RJH_4787untitled shoot20190622-RJH_4787untitled p Photo 2  The Purple faring slightly better as they were the most developed in the fields. 

20190622-RJH_4760untitled shoot20190622-RJH_4760untitled p

Photo 3 You can imagine how these colourful fields would look at the height of bloom possibly a further couple of weeks and they will indeed be just that. 

20190622-RJH_4959untitled shoot-Pano-Edit20190622-RJH_4959untitled p

Photos 4 & 5 a solid number of bees were making the most of a rare sunny day doing their bit pollenating gracefully flying from flower to flower.

20190622-RJH_4995untitled shoot20190622-RJH_4995untitled p

20190622-RJH_4872untitled shoot20190622-RJH_4872untitled p

I do hope I get to return this year and see them in full bloom though with the fields being open only two weeks a year I fear we may have to wait until next year. A lovely trip to see how these confetti petals look before being hand picked and dried naturally for marrying couples enjoyment through the year. 

Thanks for reading 

Ryan x

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Introductions - The other half of the business - Andy Timms The other half of the Business - The Wise one.

Andy Timms

I suppose I have been interested in photography since I was young, Years ago in fact. My first camera was a hand me down from my father, a Russian SLR film camera. I used this on many occasions mainly on holidays with Mom & Dad. I upgraded to a Olympus OM1 SLR film camera & this never left my side, I was always taking pictures of something & not really knowing much about photography & how the camera really worked, Auto mode was best for me.

Over the last 10 years I have been involved in lots of photography projects & I'm now the proud owner of some serious Canon DLSR equipment (Sorry Ryan, he uses Nikon bless him). I have attended lots of courses covering different aspects of photography & also attended college completing intermediate & advance photography. 

Photography is my passion & now I've learnt to take the camera of the auto mode it has opened an avenue of adventures.

To take me into the world of Wedding photography I have spent many hours studying portraiture & lighting techniques, attending wedding photography courses & then of course on top of that comes lots of practice to enable me to take that all important shot.

I have known Ryan for many years as a good friend & we have attended many photo shoots together. We decided that setting up a Wedding photography business would be a great adventure, combining our individual skills into one to form A R Wedding Photography.

So that's it really, just a little bit about myself I am the A in AR wedding photography, I hope to meet you soon. 




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Introductions - One Half of the business Ryan Harris One half of the business  - Ryan Harris 

With an exciting year ahead of us I thought i’d take the time to write a quick blog giving a little background about myself and an insight into what led to myself and my good friend Andy to launch our wedding photography business. 

The banner is set, the album showcasing our work is being printed as I write and with 5 wedding fairs booked this year I cant wait to chat with happy couples and talk about their special day. 

So a little bout me, I grew up in Walsall and first found i had a flair for photography in my teenage years at GCSE level, since then my passion rekindled and i investing in trading and a new Nikon DSLR camera. I’m a 34 year old very proud father to my beautiful little girl Lyla, who on a related note was in January this year awarded the under 15’s 2018 Wolverhampton Young Photographer of the year award ( Very proud dad moment ) This girl fills me with pride every day and I love that photography is something we both share a passion for. 

Along with my daughter I live in Willenhall, West Midlands with my lovely partner Emily who works as a teacher, a profession I have the upmost admiration for, there is no more important a job for me than moulding the minds of the future. 

Two years ago I launched my own photography business , at first holding portrait shoots for children and families, this quickly expanded and I took on work from local businesses alongside portrait work. 

During those two years I jointly worked on two weddings with a friend of mine and got some great feedback and experience, this was something I thoroughly enjoyed doing, as a photographer capturing emotion and expression is really important to me and what better opportunity than a wedding where excitement joy and laughter is plentiful. 

Having worked in customer services throughout my career, customer service is absolutely paramount to me, and in a very competitive market I think that is crucial to success. Having known Andy ( the other half of the business ) for a number of years I know this is something that is important to him too. 

So thats it really, just a little bit about myself I am the R in AR wedding photography, I hope to meet you soon. 


Ryan and his daughter.Ryan and his daughter.



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